Raw food receipts

Green soup green soup: just mix the salad !

  • green salad, brocolis, cucumbers, carrotes
  • dry tomatoes and its oil
  • cashew nuts
  • lemon juice, parsley, dill, salt…
  1. Soaked the cashew nuts overnight
  2. Put boiled water over the brocolis for a few minutes
  3. Blend everything together and serve with some parsley and dill on top.

Veggie Breadand get bread !!

  • flex seeds (min. 40%)
  • various veggies and species
  • other seeds (sesame…)
  1. Soak the flexseeds (same as linsen seeds) overnight
  2. Mix the veggies in the food processor. The veggies can be simply left overs from cabbadges or cauliflowers, or any kind of veggies depending on your tast. For exemple, you can use dry tomatoes, basil, garlic and oinion for an Italian bread.
  3. Mix the flex seeds with maximum 60% veggies. You can add species according to your tast (salt, curry…)
  4. Spread the veggies and flexseeds mix over a trail in a very thin layer and add eventually some other seeds on the top. Divid it into smaller rectangles.
  5. Put into the dehydrater for at least 6h until it gets crunchy enough.

Almond cheesemaking raw vegan cheese

  • almonds
  • rejuvelac (ferment obtained with sprouted wheat)
  • lemon juice
  • salt
  1. Soak the almonds overnight.
  2. Blend them with the rejuvelac, lemon juice and salt.
  3. Put the mix into a cheese cloth and let it  drain overnight.
  4. You can add green onion before serving.

Apple pieraw apple pie

  • apples
  • dry grappes
  • almonds, cashew nets
  • honey, cinnamon
  1. Soak the almonds and the cashew nuts overnight.
  2. Cut the apple into thin slices and let then “marinate” in honey and cinnamon.
  3. Mix the dry grapes and the nuts in a food processor.
  4. Spreak the mix at the bottom of a pie plate and spread the apple over it into several layers.
  5. Eventually let the pie into the dehydrator for a few hours to make it warmer and more crunchy !

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